Multiple Choices

19Designed and manufactured under the unique aesthetic vision and sharp perception of colors from the FPS color experts, the FPS series is of noble and rich colors and novel and various styles for your multiple choices.

Free from Scratch

25FPS contains up to 92%-93% of natural quartz crystal with a hardness of up to Mohs 7.5 as a decorative surface material only next to diamond in the world in terms of hardness, free of damage by such kitchen edge tools as knives and shovels.


23FPS is mainly made of natural quartz crystal grains (because the heavy metal elements in the whole natural quartz mineral are hard to remove). It must go through strict mineral selection and rinsing, impurity removal and purification to ensure it free of any mineral impurities, so it won’t do har, to the human health in terms of radioactivity.

Direct Contact with Food

12All FPS products have passed the world’s most authoritative NSF certification as the non-radioactive, fully environment-friendly, non-toxic and non-harmful decorative surface materials, which can have a direct contact with food.

Impermeability of Liquid

10With its non-porous, anti-bacterial and seamlessly jointing natures. FPS features the impermeability of liquid that is free from germs and particularly fits the use in hospitals, clinics, kitchen and vanity counter tops.

Anti-Mold and Anti-Bacteria

16 copyFPS contains the unique active anti-bacterial factor, which can prevent bacteria from growing and kill all kinds of pertinent bacteria. Such anti-bacterial factor adopts the advance exquisite built-in technology by adding it into the product and material structure during production, so that it can be put inside the product and kept long and free of rinsing out, which guarantees a lasting anti-bacterial effect.

Never Aging

26FPS contains premium complexing agent and expensive anti-oxidant additive. Its briliant surface undergoes over 40 times of complicated polishing and trimming, which keeps new even after long use.

Heat Resistance

9As the main ingredient of FPS products is a typical material with a high melting point, it makes the quartz surface material resistant against heat as hot as 300 degree. So FPS is free of burning under high temperature a the best heat-resistant decorative surface material up to now.

Anti-Stain and Anti-Corrosion

18As a decorative surface material made in vacuum, FPS has the same surface and inside, which is compact and nonporous and greatly resistant against kitchen acid and alkali. Its compact texture keeps the daily used liquid substances from penetrating into it. Just rinse it with water each time after using it.