14FPS products are a kind of brand new environment-friendly decorative surface materials made of a kind of hard and environment-friendly compound quartz materials. The FPS products contain as much as 92%-93% of natural quartz crystals (SiO2), manually synthesized with saturated resin, mineral pigment, complexing agent and additives in vacuum under the isometric polymerization technology.
6Extracted from the aplite and the pegmatite in the igneous rocks (aplite and pegmatite are of the most important economic values among all vein rocks, containing numerous high-purity quartz crystals), FPS Natural Quartz Crystals contains over 99.9% of SiO2 with very stable physical and chemical properties. Synthesized from such quartz crystal, this quartz is of optimal properties in terms of hardness and flame retardation. At the same time, the stability of SiO2 keeps the quartz surface materials beautiful and free of aging.