10Various Desktops

As a perfect combination of the nature with science and technology and aestheticism ith practically. FPS creates a unique and rich visual enjoyment that remains new when time goes by. Every detail renders eternal quality.

Bathroom Space

Its unique masculinity and persistence remains when time goes by. FPS constructs a natural bathing atmosphere with its innate perfection. Everywhere the water runs through, it will render the endless enjoyment of life with elegance.

Commercial Locations

With the trueness of natural stones, FPS gives the building space a novel and reserved grace. Its distinct profoundness renders its predominance and interprets “low-keyed luxury” well.

Building Covering

The beautiful space covered by FPS brings about natural freshness and simplicity and creates unique artistic appeal and endless amorous feelings. Wish to wander with you hand in hand in happiness under the light.

Other Applications and Products

FPS can be also used for a wide range of areas such as signage, window frame, door curb, demountable apron, etc. Besides, Huaxun also provides various kinds of solid surface materials for various applications such as sinks and shower trays, wall panels and toilet.